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Quickie Touchups

For the folks who already have a reel or clips and just need some sprucing up. Maybe you want to swap the order of clips or need to make specific edits to the color or audio. Or maybe you self-produced a scene on your iPhone and you'd like it to look, well, not shot on an iPhone.

We can help you with that!

Starting at $50. Inquire for pricing.


Standard Demo

This is our most popular package. For those who have footage but don't know where to start, this is the option for you! We'll transform the clips you have into a concise, brand specific, buyer friendly reel you'll be proud to send to your agent (or future agent *wink wink*)

What you get:

1-2 min reel

Fully edited for color, sound, and clarity

One round of edits

Discounts on future edits

$250 flat

The Whole Sha-Bang

You've worked your butt off this year and have a TON of clips to show for it. Nice work!! With this package, we'll take those clips and create focused reels to attract more of your buyers (and keep those bookings coming!)

What you get:

TWO reels (60-90s each)

or ONE long reel (2-3 min)

Fully edited for color, audio, and clarity

One round of edits for each reel

Discounts on future edits

Starts at $450


Sample Reels

What People Are Saying

"Thank you, Chelsea for bringing new life to my footage! Chelsea did an amazing job cutting my demo reel! She works quickly, and has a great eye. She gave recommendations on which clips to include, and took any notes I provided about what I wanted to see. She explained her thought process for what clips to include, which helped me learn something about my own marketing materials! I highly recommend her work." -Marissa Kelton

"Chelsea edited my reel for me and it is fabulous! She picked the best sections of my footage and really highlighted who I am as an Actress. RUN TO HER!"

-Katherine Leidlein

"Chelsea was super professional! She replied to all my emails in a timely manner and was very kind. She also gave me a few great recommendations that will end up saving me money and headache!! She clearly knows her stuff. I love that she also listened to my concerns and thoughts and made sure everything was perfect. I was SO proud of the final clips. Exactly what I was looking for."

-Noelle Autumn

"Oh my gosh! You are so good!!! I LOVE it. Thank you thank you so so much. 

You made the pieces flow together. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. Until you I’ve never found a reel cutter person who I liked and would recommend. You are seriously a godsend. Thank you!"

-Stacey Weckstein



Hey, I'm Chelsea! I'm a New York City based actor, athlete, know-it-all, and editor.

I took my first digital video class at age 14 in an attempt to find my "backup career". While I didn't squash the acting bug, I did find an appreciation for what goes on after the camera stops rolling.

When I first made the leap from musical theater to tv and film, I found it overwhelming to put together a reel. "How am I to distill all of my many talents into 90 seconds?!" So young, so naive. Fast forward to now: I've developed my eye for creating concise, on-brand content that shows you in your best light and leaves your buyer wanting more.

Why 11th Hour?

This industry moves fast. Lightning speed fast. When time is a commodity, your materials need to be on point AND updated quickly. Selecting your perfect clips and editing them together can become a stressful time-suck, so we want to ease some of that pressure. We'll work hard to get you the best reel with the quickest turnaround possible. So when it's the 11th hour and you need that material like, yesterday, we got you covered.

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